Table top gaming, as utilized by the Collegiate Association of Table Top Gamers, is defined as the playing of complex tactical and strategic simulations in a real (non-electronic) setting. Role-playing games, war-games, trading-card games, and board games are all possibilities. We believe such games are more than simple entertainment; they encourage critical and creative thinking, as well as cooperation, competition, and friendly social interaction.

Mission Statement
We will provide a positive, relatively organized atmosphere for enthusiasts of: Pencil and Paper Role-Playing Games (PnP RPG‘s), War Games, various Collectible Card Games (CCG’s), Strategic Board Games, and other Science Fiction/Fantasy games. We wish to utilize these games as tools to promote critical and creative thinking; problem solving; social interaction; math, reading, and logical skills; friendly competition; and as a social outlet.

Article I: Purpose           

Section 1. Name
This organization shall be named The Collegiate Association of Table Top Gaming, or CATT-G.

Section 2. Intention
The purpose of the organization shall be to encourage and facilitate the playing of table top games and to provide a fun and intelligent source of relaxation and socialization for students. The organization shall sponsor regular gaming sessions, build up a collection of rulebooks, games, dice, and other components for student use, and sponsor other game-related activities if able (guest speakers, conventions, etc?).

Article II: Membership           

Section 1. Requirements
Sub-section A: Membership shall be open to any student or faculty member of FHSU or community member who wishes to have fun and challenge their mind while playing table top games.
Sub-section B: In such cases where the individual desiring membership is under the age of 18, a consent form shall be required containing the signature of a parent or legal guardian to avoid any legal concerns.

Section 2. Participation
The Collegiate Association of Table Top Gaming allows participation in the organization regardless of sex, race, creed, or ethnic origin.

Section 3. Removal
Sub-section A: No member may be removed from membership without first having an open hearing. The issue shall then be put to vote at the next regular meeting. Two-thirds approval is needed to revoke membership.
Sub-section B: A member may voluntarily leave Collegiate Association of Table Top Gamers at any time, forfeiting any and all fees paid to date and/or participation in future activities, trips, or meetings; under special circumstances, an officer may make concessions.
Sub-section C: Attendance at meetings is not mandatory; however, if a member is absent for 2 consecutive months, membership may be suspended until the member’s return, upon which a special meeting will be held to determine the issue of re-instatement.

Article III: Membership           

Section 1. Offices
Sub-section A: The officers of the organization shall be: President, Vice President, Scribe (secretary), Reeve (treasurer), Archivist, and Paint-Slinger (graphic designer).
Sub-Section B: The ranking of the officers is as follows: President, Vice President, Scribe, Reeve, Archivist, and Paint-Slinger.

Section 2. Duties
Sub-section A: President: The president is the official figurehead of the organization. The responsibilities include: officiating meetings, and official dealings with the administration.
Sub-section B: Vice President: The Vice President?s responsibilities include: Assuring all other officers are performing their duties, recruiting new members, advertising the organization, organizing any official activities, and forming committees.
Sub-section C: Scribe: The Scribe is responsible for all paperwork regarding the organization, attendance, recording the results of meetings, and the keeping of all official documents such as this Constitution, the official roster, and a list of funds and resources.
Sub-section D: Reeve: The Reeve is in charge of all fund raising activities, member dues, and liquid funds.
Sub-section E: Archivist: The Archivist is responsible for the storage, upkeep, and accountability of the gaming library. All books, manuals, games, and pieces of equipment (such as dice, miniatures, etc.) purchased by the Collegiate Association of Table Top Gaming are given to the care of the Archivist. The archivist is also in charge of checking out any material from this library to members.
Sub-section F: Paint Slinger: The Paint Slinger (PS) is in charge of all graphic design for CATT-G, including the logo, posters, and Web design.

Section 3. Nominations/Elections
Sub-section A: Nominations will be entered at the first meeting of every spring and fall semester. Members may decline nominations. Only current members are eligible for nomination. Further nominations may be made on the election day, if necessary.
Sub-section B: Elections will be held at the second meeting of the spring and fall semesters. Elections will be closed ballot, decided by plurality. In the event of a tie, a position may be co-held by up to two members. If a tie is between three or more members, the president casts the tie-breaking vote.
Sub-section C: Special elections may be held at any meeting with the consent of the highest-ranking officer present to fill any new or vacant offices. Special elections will be held as per Article 3, Section 3, Sub-section B.

Section 4: Removal From Office
Sub-section A: No officer may be removed without first having an open hearing, with at least one half of the current members, three fourths of the current officers, and the advisor present. The issue shall then be put to vote at the next regular meeting. Two-thirds approval is needed to recall an officer.
Sub-section B: An officer may voluntarily step down at any time, but is asked to continue or delegate responsibilities until a special election may be held to find a replacement.
Sub-section C: If an officer is incapable of performing the designated duties of said office for an extended amount of time, the duties may be delegated to another member at the discretion of the President or highest-ranking officer available.

Section 5. Honorees
Sub-section A: Honorees may be appointed by the President, Vice President, or by an open vote of the members called by any other officer, honoree, or advisor. Honorees may be assigned specific temporary duties such as heading a committee, forming a committee, or leading or choosing activities.
Sub-section B: The period of service of an honoree may not exceed 3 months or the end of the semester. Honorees may decline the appointment or step down at any time.

Article IV: Meetings           

Section 1. Standard Meetings:
Standard meetings shall be held every Thursday evening at 6:30 during the semester, excluding holidays, unless otherwise decided at the beginning of each semester. Midterm and final weeks may also be excluded at the discretion of the current members. Meetings shall last no longer than half an hour. Gaming sessions will normally follow each meeting.

Section 2. Special Meetings/Gaming Sessions
Any three or more members may hold “Official” gaming sessions at any time; however, for official business to be conducted (i.e., a Special Meeting), the meeting must be attended by the majority of officers and members. Official gaming sessions may be limited to specific members due to game rules or specific situations, but special meetings must be open to any member desiring to participate. Any officer or two members may request a special meeting, and any member may arrange a gaming session.

Article V: Quorum           

Section 1. Proposed Amendments
Proposed amendments to this Constitution or the by-laws of this Constitution shall be presented at a standard meeting at least one meeting prior to being voted upon.

Section 2. Voting and Enacting Amendments
Amendments to this Constitution or the by-laws of this Constitution shall be voted upon by an open vote at a regular meeting. At least one half of the members and officers must be present, and a two-thirds vote of all present is necessary to enact an amendment. Amendments shall be enacted immediately upon adoption.

Article VI: Dues           

The amount of member dues shall be $5.00 per semester. These may be raised or lowered by a two-thirds vote.

Article VII: Committees           

Committees shall be formed by the Vice President upon need and/or the request of any member or officer, at the discretion of the VP (Article III, Section 2, Sub-section B). An open vote to create a committee may be called by any other officer or any two members if the VP is absent or does not wish to create a committee.

Article VIII: Non-Members           

Non-Members of the organization are welcome to sit in on meetings, but may not participate in official proceedings such as voting or fundraising. Members are encouraged to bring guests to gaming sessions; however, no non-member may benefit directly from official funds or check out any official material from the organization. Regular ‘guests’ will be encouraged to join the organization if they are eligible. Any guest under the age of 18 wishing to participate in any games must have a consent form signed as pursuant to Article II, Section 1, Sub-section B.

Article IX: Official Library           

The Archivist shall control all gaming materials purchased, donated to, or otherwise acquired by CATT-G.

Section 1: Fines
The Archivist is to inspect all material regularly, and may incur a fine of up to $5.00 for minor damage (torn page, bent cards, damage to cover, excessive/unnecessary markings) and up to the retail cost of the item for excessive damage or loss of item. In case of unpreventable damage or loss (fire, theft, etc.) , concessions may be made. If the damage/loss occurs while in the possession of the archivist, the Scribe or the President shall asses the situation and may fine the Archivist if appropriate. Any fines may be disputed, and a hearing shall be held to rule on the situation.

Section 2: Acquisitions
Any officer may accept donations of appropriate material, but purchases must be put to a vote and are regulated by the availability of funds. Any member may propose the purchase of relevant material. The Reeve shall be in charge of withdrawing official funds, purchases, or delegating purchases.

Section 3: Storage and Accountability
The Scribe shall keep an official record of all material in the library, along with a list of retail prices. The Archivist will have a current copy of this list with the library at all times, and shall also keep specific records of what members have which material at what times. Members should be allowed to borrow any gaming material from the library for reasonable periods of time, but must be able to present the material, within a day, if asked by any officer.

Article X: Parliamentary Authority           

Meetings and procedures will not follow any set rules for Parliamentary Procedure other than those already laid out in this constitution. The president shall be in charge of the meetings, which are to be kept organized, yet relaxed and casual. Common courtesy is expected of all members and officers.